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Mid-American Growers

Mid-American Growers; began as a family-owned operation in 1971, in the town of Granville, Illinois. What began as a 8 acre greenhouse has expanded to what it is today. 3.5 million square feet, under glass with state of the art technology & science. While we are one of the largest greenhouse in North America, our focus will always be on providing support to the community and our amazing staff.

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Plastic Recycling & Biological Control Program

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3.3 Million Sqft

Of Growing Space

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175,000 Sqft

Of Seed Propagation Space

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5 Retention Pods

For Rainwater Collection

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3 Wood Burning Boilers

Burning Unusable Wood Pallets & Wood Chips


Take A Look Into Our Past

1971: 4 Acres

A wintery flyover shot of the original facility nearly 50 years ago!

1981: 12 Acres

10 years later and 3 times bigger!

1991: 36 Acres

X3 again! A vision to become one of the largest greenhouses in North American takes place in Putnam County. Employing amazing people and helping to support livelihoods in Granville and the surrounding towns.

2004: 43 Acres

Here we go again! Technology combined with leading infra structure improvements play an important role in our expansion!

2020: 85 Acres

The vision is complete with state of the art scientists and cutting edge technology. While the market changes, our focus remains on our amazing people and supporting the community!

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