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America's Growers.

Premium CBD Products Grown in Your Backyard.

Premium, Indoor-Grown CBD Products

Each pre-roll contains our smooth, all natural, made in the USA, greenhouse grown hemp. These rolls provide a potent, full flavor that offers a robust experience. Each pack contains 20, all-natural CBD in King sized packaging. Our premium CBD offers a soothing experience for when you want to sleep, need a break or are feeling anxious.

Naturally Environmental.

3.6M Sq/Ft of
Growing Space

"Mid-American Growers; began as a family-owned operation in 1971, in the town of Granville, Illinois. What began as a 8 acre greenhouse, over the years has expanded to what it is today. 85 acres under glass. The 6th largest greenhouse in the US."

- Anne Hyde, President of Mid-American Growers